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About Stan Chem Trading

Why so many companies trust us to source their raw materials.

Sourcing your own raw materials can be a time consuming process. In a global market how do you know if you’re buying from the right region or working with the right partner? When your supply chain is important to you it pays to work with people you can trust and who have the market knowledge at their fingertips.

Just consider the advantages of working with Stan Chem International
  • Exclusive supply agreements from manufacturers throughout the world
    The worlds a big place and we work with manufacturers across the globe with exclusive supply agreements for speciality chemicals and active pharmaceutical ingredients.
  • Global distribution
    Our team of shipping experts can arrange delivery to where ever you are in the world. We deal with the paperwork so you don’t have to.
  • Market knowledge
    Is the market rising or falling? Should you buy now or hang fire? Our trading team can guide you as to the best source of your speciality chemicals or api’s.
  • A fast response to your enquiries
    Time is money. We’ll get back to you quickly so you don’t miss an opportunity.
  • We speak your language
    If English isn’t your first language, don’t worry. Within our trading team we have Dutch, Russian, French and many more…
  • Direct presence in China, Philippines and Russia
    With offices in some of the key markets of the world we have access to local knowledge that can make a difference to your business.
  • Excellent relationships with suppliers
  • We pride ourselves on our long-term relationships with our suppliers which helps with the continuation of supply for some of our key products.
  • Product testing
    We test our products to make sure they meet your specifications and to give you confidence in what you are sourcing.
  • Sourcing in all continents
    Take advantage of global sourcing knowledge to identify the most cost-effective sourcing solutions.
  • Traceability of products
    We won’t leave you in the dark. If you need a traceable supply chain we can provide you with the assurances you need.
  • Certification schemes e.g. FEMAS
    Forming the bedrock of EU Food and Feed legislation we are proud to be FEMAS certified and are audited to give you peace of mind.
  • Ability to repack product
    If you have specific packaging requirements we can look after all of this for you.
  • Ability to offer mixed containers to keep minimise your transport costs
    Keep your shipping costs under control by taking advantage of our ability to offer mixed container loads.