Inovia International launch of the Active Serum Range

Inovia International is pleased to announce an extension to the range of Natural Serums offered by Inovia.

The original Truly Natural Serum range consisted of a selection of pre-formulated, challenge and stability tested serums that are good to go.

We have now enhanced that range with a range of selected and key actives to offer the consumer further enhanced benefits to form this unique Active Serum range.

The Truly Natural Serum range are 100% naturally derived*. The unique water based products are protected from microbiological spoilage by a blend of pH independent, non-traditional preservatives all of which are plant derived and have efficacy data to show that bacteria, yeasts and moulds are eliminated.

Using the aqeuous bases, the light day oil serum base and the rich night oil serum we have created 100% naturally derived ‘high end’ serums, to demonstrate it is now possible to create & purchase genuinely natural Serums with active claims.

As just a few examples of what is possible to create, Inovia International will have 12 examples of finished product concepts on our stand at In Cosmetics (4th – 6th April 2017).

  1. Anti-Pollution Light Oil Serum For Hair This contains actives able to aid in the protection against sun and heat damage, while allowing maintenance of hair colour and radiance. It also helps protect against daily external aggressions.
  2. Anti-Pollution Rich Oil Serum For Skin This contains actives able to help protect against visible signs of aging and also against daily external aggressions.
  3. Anti-Pollution Aqueous Serum For Skin The actives in this serum are able to boost cellular detoxification which helps against pollution and aging.
  4. Anti-Aging Light Oil Serum For Skin The actives are able to boost collagen concentration in the skin by 26% as well as visible reduction in wrinkles.
  5. Anti-Aging Aqueous Serum For Skin The actives in this are able to lighten and even out skin colouration from skin blemishes and age spots.
  6. Macro-Nutrient Light Oil Serum For Skin The active in this are able to provide hair with a boost to the vital macro-nutrients it needs to help maintain sufficient moisture levels.
  7. Conditioning Rich Oil Serum For Hair The active provides improved barrier function, moisturisation as well as standardising essential fatty acids.
  8. Volumising Aqueous Serum For Hair The actives provide a boost to the hydration of hair, enhances the volume and overall health of the hair while significantly smoothing the cuticle and enhancing delivery of minerals to the hair shaft for optimal nourishment.
  9. Brightening Under-Eye Aqueous Serum The actives are able to provide support for anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, lifting, tightening claims while diminishing the appearance of dark circles and reduce under eye bags.
  10. Redness Reduction Aqueous Serum For Skin This contains actives that instantly reduces skin redness induced by UV radiation – after a single application. It works by using powerful naturally anti-inflammatory ingredients that soothe the skin. It also has a high antioxidant level to protect against free radicals.
  11. Soothe, Protect and Regenerate Oil Serum For Skin The active used is rich in essential fatty acids which ease inflammatory processes while supporting the recovery of the skin barrier.

The Truly Natural and Active Serum ranges are manufactured by Inovia International (Inovia). Inovia is a leading supplier of, and a recognised leading contract manufacturer, to the natural and organic cosmetic and personal care industries, built upon a reputation for quality and integrity.